Important Information to Help Your Pet Change Diets

A food change is a BIG deal – for you and your pet. Your pet is fed the same food everyday. He or she likes the food and his/her body has become accustomed to it. A sudden change in ingredients going through the intestines can be quite a shock – from the taste buds to the digestive enzymes to the normal intestinal bacteria.

In order for your pet to adjust to the diet change a transitional period is needed. Studies have shown that over 85% of diet failures can be attributed to pet owners not following their veterinarian’s directions such as introducing a new diet too quickly, feeding incorrect amounts, and not feeding at the proper times.

These directions have been reviewed by our doctors, studied at the veterinary teaching college level and have been shown to be the easiest to follow, and most successful method available… if they are followed!

Feed as Follows

Day 1 – Decrease present food by 1 teaspoonful. Add 1 teaspoonful of new food.

Day 2 – Decrease present food by 2 teaspoonful. Add 2 teaspoonful of new food.

Day 3 – Decrease present food by 3 teaspoonful. Add 3 teaspoonful of new food and so on until food is completely switched over to the new diet.

NOTE: If your pet is leaving some food in the feeding dish, STOP any further additions or decreases of the two foods and continue to feed the same mixture that was not fully consumed until the pet eats all the food presented. Once your pet starts eating ALL the food, resume additions and deletions until complete changeover is achieved. This particular refusal, or hesitation, is considered the “turning point” as to whether your pet will continue in the food changeover. Your pet is now deciding whether or not he or she likes the idea of new food!

Under NO circumstances should your pet consume table/human food of any kind. Your pet will only consume table food if YOU give it to him! Treats can be fed under the direction of your veterinarian. If you have any questions or concerns please call our office and our staff will be happy to help you.

In the unlikely event you notice any sort of bowel changes in your pet, please call the Ellicott Street Animal Hospital at 716-852-8276