Training Your Cat To Forage…From The Desk of Dr. Mercedes Carota

By January 31, 2017 No Comments

Cats are natural foragers! In the wild, they spend most of their day hunting for food! However, most of our indoor feline friends are fed two meals per day and spend most of their day sleeping. This change has led to an increase in obesity and diabetes.

You can encourage foraging right in your own home!

  • Scatter small amounts of kibble further and further away from their normal dish. Quickly your cat will adapt to searching for kibble around your house.
  • To challenge your furry friend even further, you can make your own food toy. Wash out an old yogurt container, replace the lid, and cut holes in the side so the food falls out of the container as your cat rolls it around.
  • has a variety of enrichment feeders (food toys) like the SmartCat Peek and Play Toy Box showcased in the video below. Enrichment feeders stimulate cat’s brains and keep them active.

As always, you may call the clinic for direction on food toys your cat might enjoy, we are happy to help!