A Positive View of Amputation…From the Desk of Dr. Jennifer Garofalo

By October 18, 2016 No Comments

We wanted to take this chance to post something positive about a subject that is difficult for many people to think positively about… amputation. Oftentimes, when clients are faced with the decision of whether or not to amputate one of their pet’s limbs, it is either due to an emergency situation (traumatic event) or the development of a mass lesion resulting in discomfort with the potential for fracture in the future.

“One thing to keep in mind which may change your view on this subject is that dogs and cats are actually three-legged animals with a spare!” says Dr. Garofalo.

We would like to feature “Roxy” in this segment, because she recently underwent a forelimb amputation due to the development of a large mass on the upper bone in her left forelimb. “Roxy” was unable to use her limb prior to the amputation due to the size of the mass as well as the discomfort it was creating. Typically, large to giant breed dogs do not do as well with forelimb amputations, but “Roxy” has done remarkably well since her procedure. She is walking without assistance and has even jumped on the furniture to relax with her family!

If you are ever faced with this tough decision with your own pet, keep in mind your pet’s quality of life may be better than you first anticipated! Don’t hesitate to talk over your options and concerns with your Veterinarian.